Unlike any other cities in India, Chennai earlier known as Madras doesn't have any world-famous masterpieces or visitor displays. Rather of promptly leaving a great first impact, Chennai is a city that demands time and effort to genuinely get to understand and acknowledge it. It's a city that demands you to examine beneath its exterior and delve into its peculiar history. Chennai's well-known neighborhood of Mylapore is usually regarded as the heart of the city. Positioned just outside Fort Saint George, in George Town, the extensive Madras High Court is one of the greatest administrative structures in the world. It has unique red Indo-Saracenic structure, with brilliantly designed canopies and stained-glass gates. For an exceptionally Indian beach exposure, travel to Marina beach at twilight and soak up the carnival-like environment, with entertainment spins and snack stalls. It also includes the great Saint Mary's Church, which is one of the primitive surviving churches constructed by the British, and the Fort Museum. Chennai's central marketplace, chaotic T. Nagar draws crowds of customers seeking discounts on everything from to saris to gold. These sites to hit in Chennai will grant you a feel for the city and what makes it unique. Try and be there in mid-January to encounter the Pongal celebration as well. Chennai being one of the metro cities has ample number of deluxe and luxury hotels in it where tourists can book a stay. There are a lot of hotels in Chennai where tourists can stay. Contact EasyMyJourney to get great deals for the best hotels in Chennai.

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