Kovalam is a globally notable beach with three nearby crescent beaches. It has been a preferred haunt of vacationists. An extensive rocky projection on the beach has created a wonderful bay of peaceful waters paragon for sea bathing. Once a peaceful fishing village gathered around its moon beaches, Kovalam battles with Varkala as Kerala’s most advanced resort. The touristy main extent, has hotels and establishments built up along the coast, while Hawa Beach to the north is ordinarily crowded with day trippers traveling perpendicular from the taxi stand to the sand. Neither beach could be explained as natural, but at less than 15km from the capital it's a comfortable place to have some relaxation by the sea, there are some promising twists (and a surf club), and it makes a great base for Ayurvedic therapies and yoga sessions. The rest options at this beach are plenty and different. Sunbathing, diving, herbal essence toning massages, unique cultural affairs and catamaran cruising are fascinating of them. The hot sun acts so fast that one can see the gentle blush of coppery tan on the skin in a matter of moments. Life on the beach starts late in the day and leads on completely into the gloom. The beach obsession includes a string of budget bungalows, Ayurvedic fitness resorts, shopping areas, swimming pools, Yoga and Ayurvedic massage centers. Convenience facilities for visitors range from five-star hotels to budget hotels in Kovalam and the choice of meals possible at eateries and cafeterias range from Continental diversity to South Indian specialties. You can book these hotels in Kovalam with EasyMyJourney to get great holiday options.

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