Delhi is further more than just the capital and administrative epicenter of the country. One big love of the Mughals, this city mixes modern with contemporaneous with remarkable finesse. Music, history, architecture, performance, fashion and, of course, diplomacies—Delhi commands together all this and more. With a yearly footfall of crores of tourists that come lured by its charms, this city is a major attraction. Walking its grimy lanes is more like climbing inside the pages of a history book; do not avoid. There is umpteen number of tourists places in Delhi that definitely warrants your attention. But when you’re in the city for all of 24 hours, you’ve got to skim the surface and prioritize your time in favor of top attractions. From crucial foods and traditional landmarks to must-see place, Delhi is good for all. Originally built as a memorial to the Indian warriors who lost their breaths during the First World War, India Gate is now Delhi’s most-loved common area. Situated at the northern end of Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib in Chandni Chowk, this age-old sweet shop makes the juiciest jalebis in the city. Unlike the regular crunchy versions available in the other parts of the city, these jalebis are thick, large and soft. Head to Hauz Khas Village for affordable painting, vintage finds and beautiful everything under the sun. If you're viewing for a property that will satisfy your all whim and desire, the hotels in Delhi are your reliable bets. Book the luxury hotels in Delhi at affordable prices with EasyMyJourney now.

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