Shirdi was where the exceptional philanthropist Sai Baba inhabited till his samadhi in 1918. Today, it is a pilgrimage essence and millions of his followers from all across the world arrive each year to give their regards. The genuine time of the year to tour Shirdi is January through March. Shirdi is not a huge city. As the city has grown throughout its central fascinations are the Sai Baba temple, virtually all significant sights and sounds are all within stepping miles from anyplace in Shirdi. If you are striking Shirdi from Pune via road then you should stop by the famous RanjangaonGanpati temple. The foremost temptations are the Temple where Sai Baba's samadhi is placed, the ancient home spot of Sai Baba called Dwarakamayi, and the site called Chavadi where Baba used to relax each alternative day. These 3 are positioned adjacent to each another. One can hit the Gurusthan, the tree where Sai Baba was originally spotted speculating by the people of Shirdi. Apart from touring the temple and other regions related to Sai Baba, there is precious few to explore in Shirdi. There are a great number of stores that trade trinkets and mementos - sculptures, stickers, books, photos of Sai Baba. Prices are commonly debatable. In extension, there are separate lodges. There is no shortage of hotels in Shirdi. Hotels of all kinds overflow. Book these amazing hotels in Shirdi with EasyMyJourney and have a comfortable stay on your holiday.

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