One of India’s most passionate centers, Udaipur is full of fantastic sights and adventures. The grandeur of its mansions and havelis, the enchanting small by-lanes of the old city, the original beauty of the neighboring green hills, and the romance of the lake around which all the action is focused. Udaipur is likely to hurl a spell you shortly enough. Lake Pichola, this charming lake lies at the core of Udaipur. Its shore is lined with the City Palace, ghats, havelis and mountains, while the lake itself is dotted with diverse island dwellings. More commonly known as German Bakery, Café Edelweiss is a great place to start your day with a hearty breakfast. Located at the LaalGhat on Lake Pichola and, this modest-sized café is most frequented by tourists and foreigners, and is extremely affordable as well. If you want to experience the lovely atmosphere, you may have to visit Udaipur, popularly known as the 'Venice of the east'.It is a city with a stunning location and it has a prosperous cultural background and an amazing history. It shows how nature could be generous where it chooses to be. Udaipur’s charm is likely to have you soon coming back for more. Hotels in Udaipur have rooftop restaurant with excellent views of the City Palace and the surrounding ghats, with a pool and cabanas for diners to lounge in. While the menu offers a mix of European and Rajasthani cuisine, the well-stocked bar has a selection of wines and cocktails. Book these amazing hotels in Udaipur via EasyMyJourney and get great deals and a great stay to enjoy your holiday.

Some of the best Udaipur hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :